Change The Change


Von Dominik Petersen 
In Zusammenarbeit mit Urs Witschi, Wolfgang Kötter und Jörg Bahlow

Dramatic turbulences of past críses provide the evidence: Change-management up do-date has also to be capable of radical transformation, be it about organizational re-orientation or about merger-management. At it´s best, change should happen fast and smoothly, but at the same time sustainably with large-scale impact.

The book describes a proceeding, that makes change happen comprehensively and profoundly. The approach unleashes the immense power of participation leading the undertakings to a break-through. Change Through Networking (WaVe) combines what traditionally was considered contradictory: A culture-responsive approach with a proceeding clearly structured in phases and steps, an understanding of organizations framed by the social system-sciences with a hands-on change-project-management.

The voices of customers:

„15 years of change-management-experience on an international scale with „WaVe/Wandel durch Vernetzung“ proves impressively it´s effectiveness. We have been managing large scale reorganizations in order to cope with crises or to secure our future according to our ZF-company-philosophy internally and with own
resources even under most difficult conditions. The main success-factor in achieving not only breakthroughs but also cultural sustainability was that we trusted in the wave-change-management-strategy.“
Hans-Georg Härter, Vorstandsvorsitzender/CEO, ZF Friedrichshafen till 2012

„Securing the future when it´s going well und carrying out „clean-up-work“ in the face of odds – that´s the bandwidth of challenges that ALTANA has been managing perfectly with the change-management-concept WaVe, also on an international scale. We as ALTANA are cutting edge because we can count on our people. Wave fits us,
because this strategy allows us, to bring to bear it´s main tenets methodically and to use them practically for change.“
Dr. Matthias Wolfgruber, Vorstandsvorsitzender/CEO, ALTANA AG till 2017

„Change Through Networking (Wandel duch Vernetzung): WaVe. This formula epitomizes a mystery. Those who network change, because they have to deal with new partners, who pose a challenge and inspiration at the same time. And who is ínterconnected, is not protected against further change, as the new partners again bring in other and new ones, for whome a player is an interesting counterpart or not. Dominik Petersen shows in this book impressively, that under these conditions only those know their way, who are able to admit not to know all too often what´s going on with themselves. For in this way they become network-partners one can count on.“
Prof. Dr. Dirk Baecker, Lehrstuhl für Kultutheorie und Kulturanalyse an der privaten Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen am Bodensee

„Change of and in organizations is always an outspoken paradoxical undertaking: Available as starting point is only what is already in place, based on which something entirely new, something entirely different should be created. „Change Through Networking“ provides a cleverly devised change- management-proceeding, a practical guide, that leads any organization expertly through the particular challenges of this paradox. WaVe succeeds bringing to bear a subtle interplay of project- and line-organization, of hierarchy and self- organization, of structure and process. It is an interplay after all that sets free the fascinating power of participation and brings sustainable changes to a break-through.“
Unif. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Wimmer, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der osb Wien
Consulting GmbH