Von Dominik Petersen und Urs Witschi
In Zusammenarbeit mit Hans Baumeister, Carola Pust und Heinz Vetter  


Change Through Networking –The Fieldbook for Sustainable Change-Management

Empirical evidence shows clearly that change-projects, largely self-organized and devised like networks, yield more effective and creative results than traditionally managed ones.

Surely, one question arises: How to proceed lest a complex project without direct control and supervision won´t derail, even more: meets the objectives with less risks and higher acceptance?

The field-manual here presented draws on the basic book „Den Wandel verändern“ (Change the Change). Experiences with many change-undertakings rendered it possible for the authors, to describe the proceeding in detail together with plenty of practical advise. They show step by step how to set up a project-network, how to get it going in a way that it buílds up a working interplay with the internal environment, thus becoming a powerhouse that fuels profound structural and cultural transformation.

Yet the book is not only about recipes, for to manage complex projects one should know the underlying principles and their interrelations. Otherwise one gets easily caught up in traditional thinking and has to improvise if unforeseen situations emerge. A compass then is valuable.

The book encourages practitioners within companies and consultants as well, to carry out change-projects, smaller or complex ones, according to the WaVe-action-framework.


  • The WaVe-proceeding: A systems-approach
  • 12 principles for successful change-processes
  • 5 steps
  • Practical examples
  • References of customers
  • Glossary